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[Condor-users] output and input files

I have a program the I want to run on condor for a user. 

but it has the following inbuilt file structure


my question has 2 parts

first this is on a shared file system so I don't want to really have to transfer input files. 

can I use the following submit file? well should I be able to ?

initialdir = /
executable = executable
transfer = no

But my second and main question is how do I get the output files back? 

If I set the job to run once, I can using the local file system get it to out put to the /output/file1,2 whichs is cool

but if I run the job twice it will over write the first output. 

What i really want is to use the condor submit file to somehow copy the output files back in to 


so use shared file system for the input files, and then set the initialdir = output$(process)/ and get condor to copy any changed files back to here. 

but it seems if I do this for the output it mucks up the input, and if set the input right it mucks up the output!! 

is there a way to do this ?