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Re: [Condor-users] JAR files

On 08/18/2010 06:04 PM, Dave STREET wrote:
Sorry another question,

Only one question per user per week, sorry. 8oP

Another user has given me a jar file to run, but the manafest it
contains is a more modern version and does not accept using the argument
to determine the entry point.

when he runs it he just runs the command line

$jave -jar test.jar

and the manafiest file deals with kicking of the right class files .

is it possible to run such a JAR through condor, or indeed is there any
benifit of doing it though the java universe rather then simple creating
a batch file/script to kick of the JAR, and then running with the
standard universe?



Well, the manifest just lists a class that contains the main() method. You could go the Java Universe route and just check the manifest first to see what class to run. Alternatively, you can go Vanilla Universe with an executable of /usr/bin/java, arguments of -jar test.jar, input files to transfer of test.jar, and probably transfer_executable = false (because you have java installed everywhere, right? 8o).

IIRC, the Java Universe has some benefits around giving access to some remote io and propagation of exceptions that get thrown out of main(), but chances are you'll be fine just using the Vanilla Universe.