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Re: [Condor-users] Do you have experience with Quill? I would like to talk with you.

I manage a windows condor farm consisting of around 200 windows servers, each with between 2 and 12 cores. All execute nodes are currently 2003 x64, all submit nodes are either XP (32bit) or 2003 x64.

I would love to be able to use quill to gather stats and generate reports of farm use. I gave it a try maybe 3 years ago and just couldn't get it to work right. From what I have read on the users list ... that seems to be the general feeling. I thought I would leave it a few years until Quill++ was finally available (not sure what the status of that is) although to be honest I have kind of given up the idea of Quill ever working.

Currently I have to use a load of perl scripts and rrd files to store all our farm info and calculate stats and graphs.

Happy to answer your questions so please ask away.

Michael McClenahan
Gloucester Research Ltd

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Hello all -

After a long time away, my research is leading me back to Quill.

I'm very interested in talking with Condor users and administrators about their experiences with and thoughts about Quill. I'm interested in talking with you if you currently use Quill, or build on top of Quill, or used to use Quill but don't any longer, or think you might use Quill someday, or at one point thought you were going to use Quill be no longer think you're going to, or something else involving Quill.

I'm not quite doing a survey - it's more of a conversation.  I also don't want to include my questions in this email, because for one, I know that I've got different questions for some of you, and I want to keep the topics wide-ranging and don't want to people to self-select out.

So, if you've ever so much as thought about Quill, I'd very much appreciate it if you'd send me email (off the list is preferred, but if you've had a great experience or a horrible experience and want to let the list know, that's fine).

I'm expecting that my questions and followups won't take more than two or three emails for most people.

If there are things worth summarizing back to the list, I will do that - but more likely, you'll hear about some of what I've learned at Condor Week 2011.

Thank you in advance!

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