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Re: [Condor-users] problem with executable in submit file

Could you give us the hint of sched log and start log when it doesn't work?

发件人: Shruti Mudra
发送时间: 2010-08-25  13:00:54
收件人: condor-users
主题: [Condor-users] problem with executable in submit file
Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the executable(R) in submit file,when i include executable in program files
executable = C:\Program Files (x86)\R\R-2.10.1\R.exe
the jobs aren't running 

and when i move the executable folder(R folder in my case) 
executable = C:\R\R-2.10.1\R.exe
to the C drive jobs are running. 

Appreciate any ideas on how to tell condor to include spaces (i.e space between program, files and (x86)) for the executable file.