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[Condor-users] question about condor_chirp and spooled jobs

I have a technical question about condor_chirp.
When I look at the man pages of condor_chirp, I see the following:

"Note that the remote (submit-side) directory path is relative to the
submit directory, and the local (execute-side) directory is relative to
the current directory of the running program."

What happens when the job's file are spooled? (i.e., when using
condor_submit -spool ...)

On my execute side, I would like to use condor_chirp to fetch a file
from the submit-side (where the user's file are spooled, such as
but when I try to fetch this file condor_chirp gives an error saying that:
Can't chirp_open

Anyone tried to do that before?

Any information about this would be much appreciated.


Andre Charbonneau