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[Condor-users] Upgrade Advices

I have a condor cluster (V7.0.4) which includes ten execution computers that is 7/24 is busy and I rarely see some of them when they are iddle. I am thinking to gradually upgrade whole the system to version 7.4.4 but I have some questions at the moment.

Is it possible, starting to upgrade any execution machine when it is iddle? I saw somewhere I should start to upgrade with Condor Central Manager first. Is this true?

Can it be a problem different version condor systems in a condor cluster?

Which package best for the smooth upgrade? I am using CentOS 5, I guess I should use Redhat 5 dynamic package, I saw standard Redhat 5 package does not support upgrade option in V 7.4.4 manual. I am thinking compiling all the source code again may cause some other problems or conflicts.

Thank you in advance and Best Regards,