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Re: [Condor-users] Memory leaks in Quill ?

This problem is still actual.

I attach a graph of actual quill memory usage.
First 130 hours, value of variable QUILL_POLLING_PERIOD was "1", and then we
change value to "10".

We would like to also know how much memory use quill daemon on yours submit
machine (where schedd daemon is running).


Lukas Slebodnik

On Tue, 7 Dec 2010 09:41:11 +0100, Vladimir Motoska <motoska@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

We have some issues with quill daemon on the submitter node. We use
condor 7.4.4 , x86_64 rhel5 dynamic running on CentOS  with
postgresql 8.1.22-1.el5_5.1.

The problem is that quill accumulates memory. Here is the memory usage log
The data are divided to 3 columns.
1st percentage of memory used by quill
2rd usage of memory in KB
3th usage of memory in MB
Each line represents a time stamp one minute.

Here is also our condor_config.

On all other nodes quill runs just fine. Can anybody give me some hint ?


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