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Re: [Condor-users] HOSTALLOW_* (<=7.3) -> ALLOW_* (7.4)

Ben Cotton wrote:
Assuming you don't have any HOSTALLOW or HOSTDENY in places where you'd want to leave them, you can do what I did and just pass it through sed:

  sed -r "s/HOST(ALLOW|DENY)/\1/g"

I expect this is good in almost all practical cases.

Just for the record, there are possible cases where the above substitution will change the meaning of the configuration. This happens when both the old and new-style settings were mixed together in the same configuration. Example:

DENY_WRITE = bad1.com

This policy denies access to both bad1.com and bad2.com.

After substitution:

DENY_WRITE = bad1.com
DENY_WRITE = bad2.com

This policy denies only bad2.com.