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[Condor-users] GPU and condor?

Dear Condor Folks,

is there someone in Condor user's community who has build GPU cluster based on condor? I mean someone, who has worker nodes hw with GPU graphical cards and job management is done by condor on the top.

We are very interested in this topic and would like to build such a infrastructure (condor + gpu worker nodes) for research people in our organization.
In first epoch of this project we'd like to develop standalone cluster:

- master condor head node
- 5 gpu worker nodes (each worker node 2x nVIDIA GTX295)
- storage element for data

I know, there is a lot to see on google about such a experiments, but I wanted to ask directly from condor users about their opinions/suggestions/recommendations since we are serious about to build condor gpu cluster and use it in production for our research activities.

If there is someone who has done similar setup and is willing share the knowledge, I appreciate talk about it! Any url hints are welcome too...

Thanks and regards,