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Re: [Condor-users] What should I do to connect machines?


It takes up to UPDATE_INTERVAL (default 5 minutes) for machines to report to the central manager.

If machines do not show up after that amount of time, the first place to look is in CollectorLog on the central manager. Look for "permission denied" to see if the collector is rejecting connections from the other machines. If that is the problem, then change your authorization policy (ALLOW_WRITE).

If that is not the problem, then look in StartLog on one of the machines that is not showing up in condor_status. See if there are any errors reported when the startd tries to connect to the collector.


Genie Jhang wrote:
Thanks a lot for the helps all of you gave to me.
But, I found out there is another problem at the very beginnig of the configuration. Our lab. has 9 server computers, so I installed condor all the computers 1-8 have ip address from to, respectively. 9 has one public ip and one private ip So, 9 has installed condor with options "--prefix=/condor --local-dir=/home/condor --type=execute,submit,manager --owner=condor" and the others, 1-8, have installed condor with options "--prefix=/condor --local-dir=/home/condor --type=execute,submit --central-manager= --owner=condor". But, after I start condor_master at 9, then type condor_status, there isn't any other machines. It shows me only the below. ------------------------------------- Name OpSys Arch State Activity LoadAv Mem ActvtyTime slot1@pheko09 <mailto:slot1@pheko09> LINUX INTEL Owner Idle 1.000 506 0+00:00:07 slot2@pheko09 <mailto:slot2@pheko09> LINUX INTEL Owner Idle 0.050 506 0+00:00:08 slot3@pheko09 <mailto:slot3@pheko09> LINUX INTEL Owner Idle 0.000 506 0+00:00:09 slot4@pheko09 <mailto:slot4@pheko09> LINUX INTEL Owner Idle 0.000 506 0+00:00:10 slot5@pheko09 <mailto:slot5@pheko09> LINUX INTEL Owner Idle 0.000 506 0+00:00:11 slot6@pheko09 <mailto:slot6@pheko09> LINUX INTEL Owner Idle 0.000 506 0+00:00:12 slot7@pheko09 <mailto:slot7@pheko09> LINUX INTEL Owner Idle 0.000 506 0+00:00:13 slot8@pheko09 <mailto:slot8@pheko09> LINUX INTEL Owner Idle 0.000 506 0+00:00:06 Total Owner Claimed Unclaimed Matched Preempting Backfill INTEL/LINUX 8 8 0 0 0 0 0 Total 8 8 0 0 0 0 0
What should I do to connect other machines to 9? Please help me. Thanks you for reading this.

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