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[Condor-users] Condor-G


I am trying to submit a simple job on my cluster

universe = grid
grid_resource = gt4 https://coit-grid03.uncc.edu:8440/wsrf/services/ManagedJobFactoryService Fork
Executable = /usr/bin/uptime
Log = condor_test1.log
Output = condor_test1.out
Error = condor_test1.error
should_transfer_files = NO

But I get this error when I do condor_q -analyze

1792.000:  Request is held.

Hold reason: Failed to create proxy delegation

I have a Condor installation along with a Globus installation.  I have configured the condor-adapter successfully, but Condor-g does not work.  Most of the documentation suggest that condor-g works with little configuration changes.  Where can I get more information on troubleshooting the credential error