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Re: [Condor-users] update with zip vs msi package

carl langlois wrote:

In the process of updating my condor pool to 7.2.5 i have encounter a issue on some of the windows machine with condor_master failing to start. But if i use the msi package it work fine. After a digging a bit more a found in some thread that i'm not the only one that had this problem. It has a something to do with dll file in provide by windows.

The way i work for updating my pool is repackaging the zip file with internal tool and install that. My question is what the msi condor package do so that condor_master is working but not working with the zip file?.
Is there any dll registration, regkey ?.....

The steps taken by the automated install that you will need to do (if you are installing for the first time from the zip file) are documented here:


Some of these steps include registering the condor_master with the Windows Service Control manager, having either a system environment variable or a registry key pointing to the config file, etc.

Hope this helps,