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Re: [Condor-users] collector <X> is still being avoided in 7.4.1


Do you see any messages such as the following in your logs?

Will avoid querying collector BLAH for Xs if an alternative succeeds.

If not, then the message "Collector X is still being avoided" is indeed unexpected in 7.4.1.


Rob de Graaf wrote:

We've recently upgraded to version 7.4.1. The changelog mentions:

Fixed a bug introduced in Condor version 7.3.2 that resulted in
messages such as the following even in cases where no problem in
communicating with the condor_collector had been encountered:

Collector <X> is still being avoided if an alternative succeeds.

However, I'm still getting these messages in my NegotiatorLog and SchedLog. The pool is configured for high availability, we have 2 collectors set up and both can be queried normally. The logs don't mention anything else out of the ordinary. Is anyone else getting this?


Rob de Graaf
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