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Re: [Condor-users] Failed to open '/home/condor/done.out' as standard output: Permission denied (errno 13)

Dear Cain,
In case of vanilla universe the shared file system should belong to same group. The gid and uid should be same for that directory on all the nodes.
Hope it'll solve the purpose.

Satyanarayan Rao

On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 3:00 AM, Nilson Cain <nilson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello -

I've written a small C++ app for testing purposes which loops a few million times, prints to STDOUT, then exits. If I compile the app with condor_compile and then submit it to the standard universe, it runs and gives me output; however when compiled normally and submitted to the vanilla universe, I get the following error:

Failed to open '/home/condor/done.out' as standard output: Permission denied (errno 13)

The UID_DOMAIN on all machines is set to $(FULL_HOSTNAME) and this is local.localhost on all the machines as they do not have any associated DNS entries as of yet.

Any tips on what is happening?


Nilson Cain
University of Alabama        Office of Information Technology, Research
nilson@xxxxxxxxx             (205) 292-5231

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