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[Condor-users] Two pieces of software with different threading models using the same pool

Fellow Condor Users,


                I have two pieces of software, from different vendors, that are Condor enabled. One of which I have some control over. They use different threading models one uses all of the CPUs on the node and the NUM_CPUs is set to 1, or one slot. The other software, of which I can control, knows it’s limitations and uses 2 threads optimally. The number of slots is divided by 2 on each machine and the NUM_CPUs set to that value. The first piece of software needs to use one slot and fails miserably if the number is changed.


                Does anyone have an idea of how I may run both software programs together and concurrently? I am assuming that I may change the requirements. These processes take hours to process, so at any one time any slot may be being used. Dividing the pool is a possibility, but the downtime for some of the resources may be too long and the machines should keep chugging along.