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Re: [Condor-users] Manually changing startd classad

If you're just editing the classad that has been advertised to the collector, as it sounds like you are, then any edits you make would be temporary and will be overwritten the next time the daemon updates it's daemon ad with the collector. The collector is just keeping track of what it is told by the daemons and expects the ads from the daemons themselves to the authoritative source.

You might want to look at using "condor_config_val -rset" to set a param of a running condor daemon. This would allow you to change the param value in a daemon running, but would not alter the param value in the config file.

You'll need to do a reconfig of the daemon after you run condor_config_val for the change to take effect.


Michael Paterson wrote:

I'm using the SOAP API and tried to manually update the ClassAd on a machine to set "Start" = FALSE in order to stop jobs being submitted to this machine, with insertClassAd(type, ad). I was able to see my change, but when the machine re-advertises to Condor my change is overwritten.

Is there another ClassAd that I could alter that would make Condor ignore the re-advertise from this machine?
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