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[Condor-users] EVENT_LOG_JOB_AD_INFORMATION_ATTRS not being honored


I have EVENT_LOG_JOB_AD_INFORMATION_ATTRS set to include an attributed defined in the condor_config.local: 
JOBGLIDEIN_Site='$$([IfThenElse(IsUndefined(TARGET.GLIDEIN_Site), "Local Job", TARGET.GLIDEIN_Site)])'

I then have it added to the submit:

Finally, I have it added to the event log:

For 1 user on the system, this all just works, and the MATCH_EXP_JOBGLIDEIN_Site is added to the event log.  For another user, it doesn't include the MATCH_EXP_JOBGLIDEIN_Site, but it includes all other attributes.

The one user that it doesn't work for using DAGMAN.  He has no eventlog variables defined in the condor submit file.  condor_config_val -dump reports the eventlog lines above are set correctly, and that condor is reading from the correct config values.

Any help would be appreciated.