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Re: [Condor-users] Question about Subnet attribute requirement

Hi Brandon

I have some old submit files using a similar requirements statement.

requirements = (Subnet == "130.116.144" || Subnet == "130.116.145" || Subnet == "130.116.146" || Subnet == "130.116.147")

But notice that the subnet attribute for a machine ClassAd is now of the form

Subnet = ""

i.e. it seems to be subnet mask now.

(use "condor_status -l machinename | sort" to have a look at all the machine classads)

You could use regexp to achieve a similar thing by something like:

requirements = (regexp("<192.168.3", MyAddress, "i"))

I've not tested this exact expression but I think? it should work.



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Hi All,
    We are experiencing a problem since our recent upgrade from 7.0.2 to 
7.4.1 . Unfortunately, the construct:
Requirements = (Subnet == "192.168.3")
seems to have stopped working. (I am checking  to make sure something 
else hardware wise has not changed as well.) Is "Subnet" still a valid 
attribute, or did the syntax on the subnet definition change in the 
version jump? If anyone can point me to a manual page, I would greatly 

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