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[Condor-users] Group Priority


One of the groups (for example physics) shared their new server with our condor pool. They want the machine to be configured in such a way that it should have high priority to their group jobs.


(i.e.) As soon as jobs from physics group are submitted on the central manager, those non physics jobs running on the new machine should be terminated and physics group jobs should start run on the new machine.


How to configure this?


I tried something like this but is it not working.


I have this in condor_config.local

GROUP_NAMES = group_physics            

GROUP_QUOTA_group_physics = 8        (there are 8 slots in the mahine)


When the jobs were running on all the 8 slots by non physics user, I submitted a job for physics group user by having this in the job description file.


+AccountingGroup = "group_physics.user1"


Physics group user job didn’t start until all the non physics group users’ jobs were finished.


Is it possible to have the above said configuration?