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[Condor-users] STARD_CRON and Windows batch script

I've written a batch script (http://pastebin.com/dGzhEHsC) to populate
ClassAds with the system manufacturer and model of Windows hosts for
use in hibernation calculations.  When I run the script from cmd.exe
it gives expected output:

MANUF="Dell Inc."
MODEL="OptiPlex 745"

However, when I run it from the STARTD_CRON mechanism (Windows 7 x86,
Condor version 7.5.3), I get the following ClassAds:


What's apparently happening is that the variable is not getting set
from the temporary file like it should be.  I looked in the logs (with
STARTD_DEBUG = D_FULLDEBUG) and the only relevant entry is that it is
executing the batch file with:

C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /Q /C "C:\condor\libexec\hardware_probe.bat"

Using the exact invocation as logged, I get the correct output.  This
happens whether I run as bcotton or as Administrator.  Any ideas?
Please tell me I'm missing something stupidly obvious. :-)

Ben Cotton
Systems Research Engineer
IT Research Systems
Purdue University