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[Condor-users] Condor 7.4.2 : Windows + VMware + CDrom iso image. Broken?

Hi all,

I have problems with Condor 7.4.2.
The master is a Fedora linux PC, clients are Windows XP pool PCs.

At first I discovered a problem with setting mkisofs.exe in condor_vm_vmware.pl,
whereas condor ships with mkisofs.bat. This causes VMware for condor to be 

I have patched the problem in the condor_vm_vmware.pl script and then VMware
was recognized. However, now the process seems to fail of creating an iso image 
the files I dedicate to the CDrom in the condor submit file.

Is there yet another problem with  C:\condor\bin\cdmake.exe ?

There is no iso image in the (linux) submit directory....

Also, I seem to experience problems with checkpointing VM images.
Although I enable vm_checkpoint in the submit file, it never occurs....!?!?

I believe there's something badly broken in release 7.4.2 with respect to the
use of VMware version 1.0.

Do more people experience these problems?

My VMware version on the Windows PCs is 1.0.10.

Thank you.