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[Condor-users] Condor expressions and variable expansion

On 3/1/10 9:27 AM, Matthew Farrellee wrote:
>> For example,
>> SUBMIT_EXPR = group_${{OWNER}}

This post reminded me of an outstanding question I have.  Can someone
clarify the syntax for Condor expression variable expansion, and any
differences in handling between classad files, internal representations
(and their visible parts via condor_q or condor_status -l), DAG files,
and configuration files?

1. Are variable names always case insensitive?

2. Which of the following are valid (and possibly in which context):

$(FOO) # round brackets
${FOO} # curly brackets
${{FOO}} # double curly brackets

3. What are the implicit terminators, if $FOO is permitted? (e.g. for
doing $FOO_bar or $FOO.bar)  I suppose this amounts to the question
"what are valid characters for variable names?".

I feel like I've seen all variations of these.  I use $(FOO) (curly
brackets) in my classads and config files, but I see comments in the DAG
section on variables referenced with $FOO, and here it looks like
someone is suggesting ${{FOO}} can be used in certain places.


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