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Re: [Condor-users] About the Command of 'condor_status' on Windows XP

when you installed the condor manager, make sure the hostname field is correctly typed
and when installing condor in the submit machine, make sure the hostname of the condor
manager is correctly typed.
and makesure the condor packet could pass the firewall

2010/3/15 Shouqin Zhu <zhushouqin@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi all,
First,I have installed the condor-7.4.1-winnt50-x86.msi on my Windows XP, and this as my central manager.
Second,I installed the same condor version on another Winows , this as the execute and submit machine.
when I use the command of condor_status, I got nothing just like below:
Anyone can help me,thanks in advance
Shouqin Zhu
Master.student of CSE Dept.
Network Computing Center
Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Chongqing China 400065
Phone:(+86) 15310640690
Email : zhushouqin@xxxxxxxxx

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