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[Condor-users] collector_socket_bufsize

I see in the manual it says,

"...This specifies the buffer size, in bytes, reserved for
condor_collector network UDP sockets. The default is 10240000, or a
ten megabyte buffer. This is a healthy size, even for a large pool.
The larger this value, the less likely the condor_collector will have
stale information about the pool due to dropping update packets. If
your pool is small or your central manager has very little RAM,
considering setting this parameter to a lower value (perhaps 256000 or
128000)... "

What is considered a "large" pool in this sense? It seems i may need
to modify this setting because I see a lot of "??????" when I do
condor_q -run

Also, I am thinking of TCP versus UDP to see if this fixes the
question mark problem I have been having.

Any thoughts?