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Re: [Condor-users] Will HAD_CONTROLLEE = SCHEDD can be used for condor_schedd HA .

Hi Nick,

   So now we don't need SCHEDD.lock at spool directory is it am I right.

Instead of keeping $(SPOOL) as shared. Why can't condor_replication functionality is used for that keeping the directory in sync. so that dependency from the shared storage will be removed (i.e nfs etc)


Nick LeRoy wrote:

   In condor-7.3.2 the new configuration variable HAD_CONTROLLEE is
added. For condor_schedd high availability can I use this variable by
simply by specifying HAD_CONTROLLEE = SCHEDD . If yes is any other
configuration change need for that?

Well, sort of... Yes, the HAD daemon will cause the schedd to be stopped and started appropriated. However, you'll need to find a means of keep $(SPOOL) shared. If you're doing this over NFS, then you might also consider using the schedd specific logic in the master for this -- see 3.11.1 "High Availability of the Job Queue" in the manual.


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