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Re: [Condor-users] Will HAD_CONTROLLEE = SCHEDD can be used for condor_schedd HA .

> Hi,
>    In condor-7.3.2 the new configuration variable HAD_CONTROLLEE is
> added. For condor_schedd high availability can I use this variable by
> simply by specifying HAD_CONTROLLEE = SCHEDD . If yes is any other
> configuration change need for that?

Well, sort of...  Yes, the HAD daemon will cause the schedd to be stopped and 
started appropriated.  However, you'll need to find a means of keep $(SPOOL) 
shared.  If you're doing this over NFS, then you might also consider using the 
schedd specific logic in the master for this -- see 3.11.1 "High Availability 
of the Job Queue" in the manual.


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