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[Condor-users] Querying Condor for currently running daemons

Hi all,


I am working on a team at my organization tasked with creating a cloud management system. In this application, we are required to show all nodes in a cloud and show a list of all processes running on each node, and also provide the ability to start/stop individual processes.  Any process we start on a node is specified in Condor’s DAEMON_LIST. We start some of the DaemonCore daemons (condor_master, condor_startd, etc), but we also have some “custom” daemons that are specified in the DAEMON_LIST (Hadoop and Zookeeper to name a few, and a lot of other products made in-house).


We are able to start and stop custom daemons with “condor_on –subsystem OUR_DAEMON_NAME_HERE”.  Is it possible to query Condor for a list of daemons currently running on a node? It seems like Condor internally keeps track of all the daemons it is running, as our daemons are fired back up automatically  if they die.  If Condor does not expose the list of running daemons, would it be feasible to modify the source code to somehow expose the list of currently running daemons? Does anybody have any suggestions?


Any input is appreciated!




Trevor Wright

Software Engineer

High Performance Technologies, Inc.