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Re: [Condor-users] Querying Condor for currently running daemons

On 05/04/2010 11:37 AM, Wright, Trevor wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am working on a team at my organization tasked with creating a cloud
> management system. In this application, we are required to show all
> nodes in a cloud and show a list of all processes running on each node,
> and also provide the ability to start/stop individual processes.  Any
> process we start on a node is specified in Condor’s DAEMON_LIST. We
> start some of the DaemonCore daemons (condor_master, condor_startd,
> etc), but we also have some “custom” daemons that are specified in the
> DAEMON_LIST (Hadoop and Zookeeper to name a few, and a lot of other
> products made in-house).
> We are able to start and stop custom daemons with “condor_on –subsystem
> OUR_DAEMON_NAME_HERE”.  Is it possible to query Condor for a list of
> daemons currently running on a node? It seems like Condor internally
> keeps track of all the daemons it is running, as our daemons are fired
> back up automatically  if they die.  If Condor does not expose the list
> of running daemons, would it be feasible to modify the source code to
> somehow expose the list of currently running daemons? Does anybody have
> any suggestions?
> Any input is appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Trevor Wright
> Software Engineer
> High Performance Technologies, Inc.
> twright@xxxxxxxx <mailto:twright@xxxxxxxx>

You're right. There isn't currently a simple way to get the list of running daemons.

You could certainly modify the Master to report that information though. You might write a new condor_* tool and provide a new command in the Master, or you might have the Master advertise a list of daemons in different states.

I'd suggest going the second route first.