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Re: [Condor-users] Should Condor SOAP calls to the schedd be this slow?

Patrick Armstrong wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I've been using the condor soap interface a bit, and I've found that when I have about 3000 jobs in my queue, with twenty machines in the pool and twenty jobs running, it takes about 20 minutes for my getJobAds query to the schedd to return. This is just from localhost, so I'm confused at why it's taking so long. Am I doing anything strange here, or is this just to be expected with the SOAP interface?

I haven't tested this myself with the schedd interface, but I have noticed when querying the collector via SOAP, and there are a lot of machine ads, my soap _client_ can take a mighty long time parsing the XML ads. Can you tell if the slowness is on the schedd side or the client side of the world?