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[Condor-users] job's log file: date does not indicate the year !?!


I'm in the process of analyzing loads of log files in order to provide 
statistics on how efficient condor is handling certain types of jobs in our 
condor pool.

For that I need to know when a job is submitted and when it has terminated. My 
approach is to read the log file of those jobs and analyze the time difference 
between these two.

I then realized that the year is not in the log file. For short and "normal" 
jobs this is not an issue (for as long as you're not near the year-end 
transition!), but much longer jobs may have the year bumbed up without it being 
indicated in the log file.

So in theory, if a job is processed in a condor pool for little over a year, the 
log file then indicates that just a little time has passed between its 
submission and its termination (if I ignore all the other stuff that is listed 
in the log file between submission and termination).

OR: is the year automatically added when condor notices the date has changed to 
the next year?
If not, wouldn't adding the year into the log file make the file more complete 
and robust for analysis?

Thank you.