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Re: [Condor-users] Start only one job instance with multiple slots available

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the detailed answer!

You might have better luck with the dynamic machine approach. That might be made to work. Since the entire machine is considered as a whole for the job and, if I understand it correctly, the remainder is made available to other jobs after the current job starts to run so the race condition should be eliminated. But I may be wrong about that.
I'll read more about 'dynamic machines', thanks.

The traditional approach to solving this problem is to dedicate one slot, say slot1, to these jobs and have a preempt expression that allows non-type jobs be always preempted by type jobs when they show up in the queue. That way you're not getting starved.
I'd like to avoid preemption as much as possible, because we have long running jobs. But this might be the way to go then, with a bit of customization.