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Re: [Condor-users] Having probs upgrading 7.4.3 to 7.5.4 Windows XP submit node

Thanks Todd

Works fine now. I did see the reference to \\.\pipe\condor_procd in
the condor_config.generic but must admit I didn't look in too much
detail and just assumed that the example config that shipped with
windows would have defaults that work for windows. I'd forgotten that
this is not the case, e.g. none of the refencences to the condor
executables have the .exe extenstion, etc.

I'm now looking forward to see how this development version compares
with the release version with respect to submitting/running jobs
from a windows machine. And then try the shared_ports daemon.



P.S. It's 9:00pm at night yesterday there, what are you still
doing at work?! :)

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Greg.Hitchen@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> condor_config
> PROCD = $(SBIN)/condor_procd.exe
> PROCD_ADDRESS = $(LOCK)/procd_pipe
> PROCD_LOG = $(LOG)/ProcLog
> WINDOWS_SOFTKILL = $(SBIN)/condor_softkill.exe

Hi Greg -

I don't like the look of your PROCD_ADDRESS setting above for an XP 
machine.  The PROCD_ADDRESS setting points to a named pipe used for 
communication - normally you would never need to change it from what the 
installer program sets up.  Above you have it setup to be a filename in 
the $(LOCK) directory -- that is all well and good on Linux/Unix.  But 
on Windows, named pipes live in a different namespace than the 
filesystem (sigh). It looks like you took the setting for PROCD_ADDRESS 
off of your Linux config file. On your windows machine, shutdown the 
schedd and try changing your condor_config to exactly the following:

    PROCD_ADDRESS = \\.\pipe\condor_procd_pipe

Then restart the schedd.  The above is what PROCD_ADDRESS is set to be 
if you were to run the Condor installer on Windows. Unfortunately, 
PROCD_ADDRESS is a setting that will have a different value on Linux 
than on Windows.

Hope the above helps
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