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[Condor-users] More 7.4.3 to 7.5.4 windows problems - Quill

Gradually sorting through and getting 7.5.4 going on a windows submit node.
Now having issues with quill. All the daemons are running OK, no errors in the logs, etc.
It appears as though the daemons_horizontal table is not being updated. I can see the
process on the db machine (linux) OK
postgres: quillwriter quilldatabase idle
and if I run jobs it appears to update the jobs_horizontal_history table OK.
The .schedd_classad file also updates OK with correct epoch times. I don't seem to see
the just over 1kb file size appear quickly and temporarily for the sql.log file like I
used to see for the 7.4.3 version though.
Any thoughts/ideas appreciated.