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[Condor-users] authentication problem of new machine


I have problem getting one off our machine to authenticate to the master. The reason that it gave me is 

PERMISSION DENIED to unauthenticated user from host IP_ADDRESS for command 81100 (CREDD_NOP), access level DAEMON: reason: cached result for DAEMON; see first case for the full reason

Here is what i understand of the problem. The machine was put on the compute farm yesterday with a bad windows domain configuration, but in that period of time the machine authenticated itself successfully. The log say:

11/24 10:44:35 Adding to resolved authorization table: */IP_ADDRESS: DAEMON
11/24 10:44:35 Received TCP command 81100 (CREDD_NOP) from  <IP_ADDRESS:1212>, access level DAEMON
11/24 10:46:33 Received TCP command 81100 (CREDD_NOP) from  <IP_ADDRESS:1429>, access level DAEMON

windows domain as now been fixed but the machine cannot authenticated itself anymore due to the successful one yesterday. My question is there any way to flush the cached result (without restarting the master) for that IP address?


Carl langlois