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Re: [Condor-users] queryAnyAds constraint

On 10/05/2010 05:54 PM, Anna Aquino wrote:

I am querying the classads, but only want the machine classad type.  I
have a similar scenario as described in the
post.  I haven't broken the code on the correct syntax for either MyType
or TargetType in either the command-line nor the web service call.

When I perform a query with a constraint, such as condor_status -any
-constraint OpSys==\"LINUX\" or condor_status -any -constraint
Activity==\"Idle\" I get the expected results in both the command-line
and the web service call.  However, when attempting to constrain by
MyType (condor_status -constraint MyType==\"Machine\") or TargetType
(condor_status -constraint TargetType==\"Job\"), no results are
returned.  Any pointers?



It's not just similar, it's the same issue.

As a long shot, you might try 7.5. The ClassAd implementation was changed in 7.5. Please report back either way.