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Re: [Condor-users] offline compute nodes and Rooster

> > > 3.  Offline slots _should_ (I think they should, but would like
> > confirmation) continue to appear in the output of condor_status (using
> > -constraint Offline to just see offline slots).  In our environment
> > they only appear for 10/20 minutes after powering off.  This isn't what
> > I expect because OFFLINE_EXPIRE_ADS_AFTER defaults to maxint.
> >
> > Yes, the offline ads should remain visible in condor_status.  They
> > should not expire in 30 minutes if you are using the default

I've just been able to grab (using condor_status -l yard10.campus.ncl.ac.uk) the ADS for a machine that's unpingable (so it is hibernating) but still visible in condor_status output.

I won't include all 109 lines of output here (unless that would be useful - full version is at http://www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/paul.haldane/yard10.txt).  All looks plausible to me apart from

Offline = ((CurrentTime - EnteredCurrentState) >= 60 && MachineLastMatchTime =?= UNDEFINED && State =?= "Unclaimed")

Is that correct or should it just be a simple Boolean value?

I know why it's showing that value ("Offline = $(ShouldHibernate)" in the config file on the compute nodes) but perfectly willing to believe that it's rubbish.