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Re: [Condor-users] Only run when logged of?

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 7:44 AM, Dave STREET <davey_street@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
OK I got a bit further with this, but I have one issues,

it seems to partly work, but wihat is happening is that each time it runs the client brieflt picks up a job (it seems).

I had two clients running, one always accepting jobs and the other only when users where logged off.

If i looked at the condor queue, I would see the first machine accepting a job and working on it. However the second machine would accept a job and then stop, then accept another job and stop. so i end up with 1 machine running the job correctly, but my logged on test machine accepting 2 or 3 jobs that it never runs but jsut holds on to.


Here's a question for you: when a job runs, technically it "logs on" on to the machine. Either as the user who submitted the job or as a temporary, local user that Condor creates for the job. Could it be your script is detecting that state, after the job starts, and preempting it by setting the run policy on the machine to false?

If you're using Condor-created local accounts they all have regular names. So you could modify your LoginChecker to return False if the only users logged in are condor-reuse-xxx accounts (I think that's the account name Condor uses).

- Ian