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[Condor-users] Negotiator changing MyType of offline ad


I'm experimenting with using offline ads.  When the Negotiator matches the offline ad with a job, the classad changes: 
MyType = "Machine" -> MyType = "(unknown type)"
TargetType = "Job" ->TargetType = "(unknown type)"

Also, I can see the classad with condor_status -any, but I am unable to get any information about it with condor_status -l <name>.  Before the Negotiator matches, I am able to do a condor_status -l <name>.

The Offline log when matched:
103 <offline@offline-temp,> AuthenticatedIdentity "dweitzel@xxxxxxxxxxx"
103 <offline@offline-temp,> MachineLastMatchTime 1287520761
103 <offline@offline-temp,> TargetType "(unknown type)"
103 <offline@offline-temp,> MyType "(unknown type)"

This ad is advertised using:
condor_advertise UPDATE_STARTD_AD <file>

Derek Weitzel
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Nebraska Holland Computing Center

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