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[Condor-users] Red Hat releases MRG Grid 1.3

I'm pleased to announce that -

Red Hat has announced the release of Enterprise MRG Grid 1.3, its grid product that is based on the Condor Project created and hosted by the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The release includes new admin and user tools, Windows execute node support, enhanced workflow management, improved scheduling capabilities, centralized configuration management and new virtual machine and cloud spill-over features.

MRG Grid is also now fully supported for customers in North America and extended coverage is provided to customers throughout Europe. With MRG Grid 1.3, customers will gain the ability to scale to tens of thousands of devices, manage their grid in a centralized fashion, be able to provision virtual machines for grid jobs and connect their grid to private and public clouds.

More details about this release can be found at - http://press.redhat.com/2010/10/14/red-hat-expands-messaging-realtime-and-grid-technology-capabilities-to-advance-cloud-leadership/