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[Condor-users] Submitted jobs get held - why?



I have a condor pool composed of the central manager (running Windows) that is also the submitting machine but not an execute machine.

The pool has two execute nodes (Linux operative system).


When I submit a job, the state of the execute nodes changes from Unclaimed to Matched and the request gets held. Doing condor_release makes the jobs changing from the hold state into the idle state. The state does not change to run.


Why to the submitted jobs get held?


000 (011.000.000) 10/21 11:49:11 Job submitted from host: <>


012 (011.000.000) 10/21 11:49:28 Job was held.

                             Reason unspecified

                             Code 0 Subcode 0


Any hints?


Best regards,