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[Condor-users] VB: Submitted jobs get held - why?



I believe I know now why the jobs get held.


The submit machine (Windows) transfers an executable file that is a .bat file to the execute machine that is running Linux.


I have installed WINE on the Linux machine. I believed that when the .bat file would be transferred via condor to the execute node it would be automatically run under WINE, but this seems not to be the case. Probably this is why the submitted jobs get held.


The .bat file is generated by the Windows application that is running on the submit machine. I could create an equivalent bash script and then submit it, but this solution would be very time consuming since I will have thousands of .bat files to convert to bash scripts before submission.


Is it possible to define in the .sub file that the execute node should use the program WINE to run the executable .bat file?


Has anyone tried this before?


Best Regards,




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Ämne: [Condor-users] Submitted jobs get held - why?




I have a condor pool composed of the central manager (running Windows) that is also the submitting machine but not an execute machine.

The pool has two execute nodes (Linux operative system).


When I submit a job, the state of the execute nodes changes from Unclaimed to Matched and the request gets held. Doing condor_release makes the jobs changing from the hold state into the idle state. The state does not change to run.


Why to the submitted jobs get held?


000 (011.000.000) 10/21 11:49:11 Job submitted from host: <>


012 (011.000.000) 10/21 11:49:28 Job was held.

                             Reason unspecified

                             Code 0 Subcode 0


Any hints?


Best regards,


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