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Re: [Condor-users] condor_store_cred failure

Hi Eric,

I had the same problem before when setting up a condor pool on Windows machines.

I attach below the information I got from the condor-users concerning storing credentials when using Windows opsys.

Which operative system are you using?

Hope it helps,


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Skickat: den 24 september 2010 14:01
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Ämne: Re: [Condor-users] Condor_store_cred - Setting up Condor on Windows


You'll need to start a schedd deamon on your execute node, run the credential store command, and then shut down the schedd. It's a necessity of storing credentials. It only has to be running while you're storing credentials.

- Ian


On 2010-09-24, at 5:41 AM, Sónia Liléo <sonia.lileo@xxxxx> wrote:
Hi Condor-Users!
I have written about this before and I will write about it again because I am still stumbling on this issue.
I am using a software that requires that Condor always use the same user account when running jobs. Right now I have a small Condor pool with 3 machines running Windows.
I have defined in the condor_config file of each machine SLOT1_USER = domain\user_account that Condor should use to run the jobs.
But the problem occurs when I have to store the credentials on each machine.
I have received instructions from my software supplier that I should run CONDOR_STORE_CRED ADD on every machine of the pool.
But when I issue the command CONDOR_STORE_CRED ADD I get the error "Make sure your ALLOW_WRITE setting includes this host". And, yes, it does. The ALLOW_WRITE variable includes this host (it is set to *).
When the software supplier contacted the Condor Team regarding this issue they got the following answer,
This is a common problem people encounter when setting up Condor on Windows. This error indicates that there is a communication problem between the condor_store_cred tool and the condor_schedd daemon. The first thing you want to do is verify that the schedd is in fact running on the machine from which you are executing condor_store_cred. If it is, the SchedLog is the place to look for details on why the communication is failing. A common reason is because of a misconfigured security setup, which is why the error message refers to HOSTALLOW_WRITE. Of course, there may be other problems. Adding the D_SECURITY flag to the SCHEDD_DEBUG configuration macro will allow you to get the most information out of your SchedLog.
Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more help tracking this down.
Greg Quinn
Condor Team
Greg wrote that 
The first thing you want to do is verify that the schedd is in fact running on the machine from which you are executing condor_store_cred.
I have checked it, and no, schedd daemon is not running on the machine I am executing condor_store_cred. It is only running on the central manager. And there the command condor_store_cred worked fine.
Isn't it so that condor_schedd should only run on the machine where the jobs may be submitted from, in my case this is the central manager?
1.       Is it really necessary to execute condor_store_cred add on every machine of my pool?
2.       If yes, is it necessary that condor_schedd runs on every machine of the condor pool?
3.       If yes, how should I do so that condor_schedd runs on every machine? 
I include below the SchedLog file related to the submitted job with ID 29. is the central manager where the jobs are submitted from; Condor_schedd is running on this machine; Condor_store_cred add worked fine on this machine. is the execute machine; Condor_store_cred add didn't work on this machine; Condor_schedd is not running on this machine.
Any clue of what is happening?

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Ämne: [Condor-users] condor_store_cred failure


I am working on setting up a pool and I have a computer that is the manager set up and running and I'm trying to connect a 2nd computer to the pool and I can find the host on the user computer. But when I try to use condor_store_cred it tells me Operation failed, please make sure your allow_write setting includes this host. My allow write setting allows *.ans.iastate.edu so any computer in this domain. I have also tried putting in the full computer name and IP address but it still tells me the same thing. Whatever I do, the user computer will now be allowed write privileges. Any help would be great. Thanks.


Eric Fritz
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Iowa State University
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