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[Condor-users] Linux scheduler authentication problem


I'd like to replace our windows scheduler machine with a linux one, and we're having some authentication problems when submitting jobs.
This is what I get in the SchedLog file after a job submission (using fulldebug mode):

10/22 10:47:21 Adding to resolved authorization table: */ READ
10/22 10:47:21 Received TCP command 1111 (QMGMT_CMD) from <>, access level READ
10/22 10:47:21 AUTHENTICATE: no available authentication methods succeeded, failing!
10/22 10:47:21 SCHEDD: authentication failed: AUTHENTICATE:1003:Failed to authenticate with any method
10/22 10:47:21 condor_read(): Socket closed when trying to read 5 bytes from <>
10/22 10:47:21 IO: EOF reading packet header
10/22 10:47:21 QMGR Connection closed

And this is what condor submit reports:

ERROR: Failed to connect to queue manager condormaster.digicpictures.local
AUTHENTICATE:1003:Failed to authenticate with any method

I tried to add 'SEC_DEFAULT_AUTHENTICATION_METHODS = ClaimToBe' to the condor_config file based on an earlier post found in the archives but did not help much.
(It would be no problem turning off any authentication since this is a closed network.)

Thanks for any tips, I'm pretty much lost in linux authentication land.