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Re: [Condor-users] Error description

Hopefully this isn't way off, because it is strange that the stderr log would have anything in it if the job was not run. Maybe you have a user job wrapper or something.

Anyway, quickly, transfer_executable means that you are going to rely on the executable being present on the executing machine. I would be wary of relying on PATH being setup, especially if you are submitting from Windows.

Try changing "executable = echo" to "executable = /bin/echo"



Sónia Liléo wrote:

I am submitting the following simple job,

universe = vanilla

requirements = (OpSys == "LINUX" && Arch == "X86_64")

executable = echo

arguments = hello

transfer_executable = false

log = Run_condor.log

output = Run_condor.out

error = Run_condor.err


The Run_condor.err results on the following message,

File not found

Which file is this message referring to?

Is it possible to get from Condor a more detailed error description?

(My submit machine is running Windows and the execute node runs Linux opsys)

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