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[Condor-users] Define two different executables in the same .sub file?

I wonder if it is possible to define in a single submit file two distinct executables that have to be run one after the other in the same execute node.
What I want to do is the following:
1. First: change the mode of the batch.sh file to the execute mode by using the command chmod
executable = chmod
arguments = +x batch.sh
transfer_input_files=path to my\batch.sh 
This job is being submitted from a Windows machine to a cluster of Linux execute nodes.
The file batch.sh is generated by the Windows machine.
2. Second: run the batch.sh file in the same node that executed step 1.
The batch.sh file has already been transfered to a node and is executable. I wish then to run it in the same node.
executable = batch.sh
Is it possible to include both steps 1 and 2 in the same .sub file?
Something like,
executable = chmod && batch.sh
arguments = (+x batch.sh) && ()
transfer_executable = false && false
transfer_input_files = batch.sh && ()