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[Condor-users] Job fails to run / Job leaves around unkillable processes

Using Condor 7.4.4 on Windows XP.

Any idea what would cause an error 267?

From StarterLog.slot1 . . .

10/28 08:35:33 Create_Process: CreateProcess failed, errno=267
10/28 08:35:33 ERROR "Create_Process(C:\condor\execute\dir_6136\condor_exec.exe,, ...) failed: " at line 530 in file ..\src\condor_starter.V6.1\os_proc.cpp

The MSDN says 267 means, "The directory name is invalid."  However, the directory name is there.  Here is the scenario.  I submit a small job.  condor_dummy.job attached.  All condor_dummy.exe does is print out a line like this . . .


It's basically a quick condor test.

Anyway, I submit the job and condor tries to run it.  However it fails and I get the above message in the StarterLog.slot1.  Here is the kicker.  It will retry and fail.  However, if I leave it in the queue long enough, it will eventually succeed.  When I ran the job yesterday, it tried 28 times.  The final time, it succeeded.  Here is another thing I'm seeing.  After it succeeded, I looked in Process Explorer and saw 27 condor_exec.exe running.  The condor_exec.exe's were unkillable.  I tried every approach I could think of.  Killing them as Admin, as NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM, even putting a debugger on them and killing them that way, nothing works.

So I have 2 issues.

1. The job fails to run.
2. The job leaves around unkillable processes.

Any ideas?  Has anybody seen anything like this?

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