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Re: [Condor-users] cron and specific slots

I ran into the same problem a few months back, my quick solution at the time was to add an extra slot that was simply dedicated to running GPU jobs.  Not exactly what I wanted, but it works for now. I believe that until GPUs are supported as a native Condor resource, partitioning them between slots will not  be (straight forwardly) possible.  Someone correct me if I've misunderstood this.


On 2010-10-29, at 11:31 AM, Michael Di Domenico wrote:

> I'm trying to update the classads from cron, but i only want to add
> classads from the cron to a specific slot.  Is there a mechanism or
> classad notation that I'm missing that would allow me to do this?
> Currently when my cron job runs, it outputs the classads, but then
> those classads are sent for all four slots in my server.
> I'm trying to register cuda capable devices into condor's startd
> attrs, perhaps theres a better way?
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