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Re: [Condor-users] Notification of multiple job completion

Have you thought of a workflow system, such as Pegasus/DAGMan (http://pegasus.isi.edu/), or Swift (http://www.ci.uchicago.edu/swift/)? These systems would take care of all data dependencies, and allow computations to continue after all needed data was available. 
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On 10/29/2010 4:24 PM, Rob Matthews wrote:



I am new to Condor and am using it for Monte Carlo simulation. Each MC run is independent and carried out by a given executable which produces a results file, so I have a wrapper program which populates the inputs for these and submits all the needed runs to the Condor queue. This all works great except now I need some way of knowing when all the MC runs I submitted are complete so I can postprocess results (i.e. parse all the individual results files and operate as needed).


Right now my wrapper code does this by polling the local directory every 5 seconds looking for the needed results files but this becomes inefficient with large simulations. Is there a mechanism in Condor to possibly execute a program (like my postprocessing code) once all the jobs submitted to the queue are compete?



Rob Matthews  



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