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Re: [Condor-users] Looking for something like CpuBusy for Disk

Greetings!  Ian Chesal wrote:
On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 2:13 PM, Diane Trout <diane@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:diane@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Can you define an expression that queries a different machines

Not from within a Job or Machine's ad. During matchmaking you only have access to the machine's ad and the job's ad. You could write a Startd cron that queries your filer for that value and imports it in to the machine's ad.
    For example:

    The main file server publishes an attribute

    Can another machine query the attribute for instance
    FileServer.PercentUtilization.Partion1? Or would I need to use an
    external script to push the attribute into each machines local ClassAd?

You'd need to pull it in to the startd's ad on the machine where you're trying to decide if a job should run or not using a startd cron.

But: seriously cool idea to be able to reference other machine's ads. Especially if the other ad is for something like a common resource, a filer in your case. Something for Miron and his crew to consider I suppose...

The seriously cool way would be to standardize a global resource classad type and allow for expression logic to have a way to directly address all resource ads that are deemed to apply to a particular slot and job.

This reminds me that the other way we address the common use case for this class of problem is with concurrency limits on jobs - but that doesn't handle slot-level use cases, only job-level ones.

Partitionable slot-level resource/concurrency limits would be a useful addition towards that goal. Then you might want to apply some feedback mechanism to make the upper bound of that partitionable slot dynamic based upon some business logic (like a global resource classad).

-- Lans Carstensen