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[Condor-users] Condor install and set up problems

Please be patient as I'm new to condor.

I am trying to set up a simple condor 7.5.3 cluster for testing so we can write a complete web based front end and use it to control 24 units of 12 core machines running mixed O/S's of Windows 2008 Server 64 bit and Centos Linux 64 bit. But first I need to just get it working and seeing the execute machines:

1 Master - Centos 5.5 i386 based with dual Xeons and 12 GB of memory

1 Slave, execute machine, Centos 5.5 x86_64 based Dual core Opteron 280 with 2 GB memory

1 Slave execute machine, Windows 2003 server with dual xeons and 4 GB memory

All are on the same subnet.

So far I have the Centos machines loaded per the article on linux.com
http://www.linux.com/archive/articles/56747. Downloaded the RHEL 5 tar.gz and have run condor_configure per this article. The master sees its own 2 cores but does not see the execute machine. The execute machine see the 2 cores on the master but that's it.

I have read some of the manual, especially the install Unix and install windows parts but clearly I am doing something wrong.

Most of us linux people do not speak condor. Any reading or areas to investigate to set up a small condor cluster would be helpful. Our only hope is to keep machines busy running native code on a machine and have a central submit machine that can monitor the various machines.

A little direct help or even suggestions on where to look would be appreciated.


Seth Bardash

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